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tree-phinodes.h File Reference

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void phinodes_print_statistics (void)
void release_phi_node (gimple)
void reserve_phi_args_for_new_edge (basic_block)
void add_phi_node_to_bb (gimple phi, basic_block bb)
gimple create_phi_node (tree, basic_block)
void add_phi_arg (gimple, tree, edge, source_location)
void remove_phi_args (edge)
void remove_phi_node (gimple_stmt_iterator *, bool)
void remove_phi_nodes (basic_block)
tree degenerate_phi_result (gimple)
static void set_phi_nodes ()
static use_operand_p gimple_phi_arg_imm_use_ptr ()
static int phi_arg_index_from_use ()

Function Documentation

void add_phi_arg ( gimple  ,
tree  ,
edge  ,
void add_phi_node_to_bb ( gimple  phi,
basic_block  bb 
gimple create_phi_node ( tree  ,
tree degenerate_phi_result ( gimple  )
static use_operand_p gimple_phi_arg_imm_use_ptr ( )
static int phi_arg_index_from_use ( )
   Return the phi argument which contains the specified use.  
     Since the use is the first thing in a PHI argument element, we can
     calculate its index based on casting it to an argument, and performing
     pointer arithmetic.  
     Make sure the calculation doesn't have any leftover bytes.  If it does,
     then imm_use is likely not the first element in phi_arg_d.  
void phinodes_print_statistics ( void  )
   Dump some simple statistics regarding the re-use of PHI nodes.  
void release_phi_node ( gimple  )
void remove_phi_args ( edge  )
void remove_phi_node ( gimple_stmt_iterator ,
void remove_phi_nodes ( basic_block  )
void reserve_phi_args_for_new_edge ( basic_block  )
static void set_phi_nodes ( )
   Set PHI nodes of a basic block BB to SEQ.  

Referenced by remove_phi_args().