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void diagnostic_report_current_function (diagnostic_context *, diagnostic_info *)
void virt_loc_aware_diagnostic_finalizer (diagnostic_context *, diagnostic_info *)
void tree_diagnostics_defaults (diagnostic_context *context)

Function Documentation

void diagnostic_report_current_function ( diagnostic_context context,
diagnostic_info diagnostic 

Language-independent diagnostic subroutines for the GNU Compiler Collection that are only for use in the compilers proper and not the driver or other programs. Copyright (C) 1999-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is part of GCC.

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   Prints out, if necessary, the name of the current function
   that caused an error.  Called from all error and warning functions.  

References diagnostic_report_current_module(), diagnostic_info::location, and lang_hooks::print_error_function.

Referenced by default_tree_diagnostic_starter().

void tree_diagnostics_defaults ( diagnostic_context context)
void virt_loc_aware_diagnostic_finalizer ( diagnostic_context context,
diagnostic_info diagnostic 
    This is a diagnostic finalizer implementation that is aware of
    virtual locations produced by libcpp.

    It has to be called by the diagnostic finalizer of front ends that
    uses libcpp and wish to get diagnostics involving tokens resulting
    from macro expansion.

    For a given location, if said location belongs to a token
    resulting from a macro expansion, this starter prints the context
    of the token.  E.g, for multiply nested macro expansion, it
    unwinds the nested macro expansions and prints them in a manner
    that is similar to what is done for function call stacks, or
    template instantiation contexts.  

References text_info::args_ptr, and gdbhooks::IDENTIFIER_NODE.