GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
diagnostic_info Struct Reference

#include <diagnostic.h>

Collaboration diagram for diagnostic_info:

Data Fields

text_info message
location_t location
unsigned int override_column
void * x_data
diagnostic_t kind
int option_index

Detailed Description

   A diagnostic is described by the MESSAGE to send, the FILE and LINE of
   its context and its KIND (ice, error, warning, note, ...)  See complete
   list in diagnostic.def.  

Field Documentation

diagnostic_t diagnostic_info::kind
text_info diagnostic_info::message

Referenced by trim_filename().

int diagnostic_info::option_index
     Which OPT_* directly controls this diagnostic.  

Referenced by emit_diagnostic(), inform_n(), and verbatim().

unsigned int diagnostic_info::override_column
void* diagnostic_info::x_data
     Auxiliary data for client.  

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