GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
sese.c File Reference

Data Structures

struct  rename_map_hasher


typedef hash_table
< rename_map_hasher


static void debug_rename_elt ()
int debug_rename_map_1 ()
DEBUG_FUNCTION void debug_rename_map ()
hashval_t rename_map_elt_info ()
int eq_rename_map_elts ()
static void sese_record_loop ()
void build_sese_loop_nests ()
static void sese_build_liveouts_use (sese region, bitmap liveouts, basic_block bb, tree use)
static void sese_build_liveouts_bb ()
static bool sese_bad_liveouts_use (sese region, bitmap liveouts, basic_block bb, tree use)
static void sese_reset_debug_liveouts_bb ()
static void sese_build_liveouts ()
sese new_sese ()
void free_sese ()
static void sese_add_exit_phis_edge ()
void sese_insert_phis_for_liveouts (sese region, basic_block bb, edge false_e, edge true_e)
edge get_true_edge_from_guard_bb ()
edge get_false_edge_from_guard_bb ()
static tree get_rename ()
static void set_rename ()
static bool rename_uses (gimple copy, rename_map_type rename_map, gimple_stmt_iterator *gsi_tgt, sese region, loop_p loop, vec< tree > iv_map, bool *gloog_error)
static void graphite_copy_stmts_from_block (basic_block bb, basic_block new_bb, rename_map_type rename_map, vec< tree > iv_map, sese region, bool *gloog_error)
edge copy_bb_and_scalar_dependences (basic_block bb, sese region, edge next_e, vec< tree > iv_map, bool *gloog_error)
struct loopoutermost_loop_in_sese ()
void if_region_set_false_region ()
static ifsese create_if_region_on_edge ()
ifsese move_sese_in_condition ()
void set_ifsese_condition ()
tree scalar_evolution_in_region ()

Typedef Documentation

Function Documentation

void build_sese_loop_nests ( )
   Build the loop nests contained in REGION.  Returns true when the
   operation was successful.  
           Only add loops if they are completely contained in the SCoP.  
     Make sure that the loops in the SESE_LOOP_NEST are ordered.  It
     can be the case that an inner loop is inserted before an outer
     loop.  To avoid this, semi-sort once.  

Referenced by print_graphite_scop_statistics().

edge copy_bb_and_scalar_dependences ( basic_block  bb,
sese  region,
edge  next_e,
vec< tree iv_map,
bool *  gloog_error 
   Copies BB and includes in the copied BB all the statements that can
   be reached following the use-def chains from the memory accesses,
   and returns the next edge following this new block.  GLOOG_ERROR is
   set when the code generation cannot continue.  
static ifsese create_if_region_on_edge ( )
   Creates an IFSESE with CONDITION on edge ENTRY.  

References if_region_set_false_region(), single_pred_edge(), single_succ_edge(), and split_edge().

static void debug_rename_elt ( )

Single entry single exit control flow regions. Copyright (C) 2008-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Jan Sjodin jan.s.nosp@m.jodi.nosp@m.n@amd.nosp@m..com and Sebastian Pop sebas.nosp@m.tian.nosp@m..pop@.nosp@m.amd..nosp@m.com.

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GCC is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with GCC; see the file COPYING3. If not see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.

   Print to stderr the element ELT.  
DEBUG_FUNCTION void debug_rename_map ( )
   Print to stderr all the elements of RENAME_MAP.  
int debug_rename_map_1 ( )
   Helper function for debug_rename_map.  
int eq_rename_map_elts ( )
   Compares database elements E1 and E2.  

References bitmap_set_bit(), loop::num, and sese_contains_loop().

void free_sese ( )
   Deletes REGION.  

Referenced by remove_gbbs_in_scop().

edge get_false_edge_from_guard_bb ( )
   Returns the first successor edge of BB with EDGE_TRUE_VALUE flag cleared.  
static tree get_rename ( )
   Returns the expression associated to OLD_NAME in RENAME_MAP.  
edge get_true_edge_from_guard_bb ( )
   Returns the first successor edge of BB with EDGE_TRUE_VALUE flag set.  

Referenced by translate_clast_for().

static void graphite_copy_stmts_from_block ( basic_block  bb,
basic_block  new_bb,
rename_map_type  rename_map,
vec< tree iv_map,
sese  region,
bool *  gloog_error 
   Duplicates the statements of basic block BB into basic block NEW_BB
   and compute the new induction variables according to the IV_MAP.
   GLOOG_ERROR is set when the code generation cannot continue.  
         Do not copy labels or conditions.  
         Do not copy induction variables.  
         Create a new copy of STMT and duplicate STMT's virtual
         Create new names for all the definitions created by COPY and
         add replacement mappings for each new name.  
void if_region_set_false_region ( )
   Sets the false region of an IF_REGION to REGION.  

Referenced by create_if_region_on_edge().

ifsese move_sese_in_condition ( )

Moves REGION in a condition expression: | if (1) | ; | else | REGION;

References analyze_scalar_evolution(), block_before_sese(), defined_in_sese_p(), instantiate_scev(), loop_containing_stmt(), and loop_in_sese_p().

sese new_sese ( )
   Builds a new SESE region from edges ENTRY and EXIT.  

Referenced by unmark_exit_edges().

struct loop* outermost_loop_in_sese ( )
   Returns the outermost loop in SCOP that contains BB.  
hashval_t rename_map_elt_info ( )
   Computes a hash function for database element ELT.  

References rename_map_elt_s::old_name.

static bool rename_uses ( gimple  copy,
rename_map_type  rename_map,
gimple_stmt_iterator gsi_tgt,
sese  region,
loop_p  loop,
vec< tree iv_map,
bool *  gloog_error 
   Renames the scalar uses of the statement COPY, using the
   substitution map RENAME_MAP, inserting the gimplification code at
   GSI_TGT, for the translation REGION, with the original copied
   statement in LOOP, and using the induction variable renaming map
   IV_MAP.  Returns true when something has been renamed.  GLOOG_ERROR
   is set when the code generation cannot continue.  
         At this point we should know the exact scev for each
         scalar SSA_NAME used in the scop: all the other scalar
         SSA_NAMEs should have been translated out of SSA using
         arrays with one element.  
         The apply should produce an expression tree containing
         the uses of the new induction variables.  We should be
         able to use new_expr instead of the old_name in the newly
         generated loop nest.  
           Replace the old_name with the new_expr.  
tree scalar_evolution_in_region ( )
   Returns the scalar evolution of T in REGION.  Every variable that
   is not defined in the REGION is considered a parameter.  
     SCOP parameters.  

Referenced by find_scop_parameters(), and rewrite_reductions_out_of_ssa().

static void sese_add_exit_phis_edge ( )
   Add exit phis for USE on EXIT.  

References sese_build_liveouts(), and update_ssa().

static bool sese_bad_liveouts_use ( sese  region,
bitmap  liveouts,
basic_block  bb,
tree  use 
   For a USE in BB, return true if BB is outside REGION and it's not
   in the LIVEOUTS set.  
     If it's in liveouts, the variable will get a new PHI node, and
     the debug use will be properly adjusted.  
static void sese_build_liveouts ( )
   Build the LIVEOUTS of REGION: the set of variables defined inside
   and used outside the REGION.  

Referenced by sese_add_exit_phis_edge().

static void sese_build_liveouts_bb ( )
   Marks for rewrite all the SSA_NAMES defined in REGION and that are
   used in BB that is outside of the REGION.  
static void sese_build_liveouts_use ( sese  region,
bitmap  liveouts,
basic_block  bb,
tree  use 
   For a USE in BB, if BB is outside REGION, mark the USE in the
   LIVEOUTS set.  
void sese_insert_phis_for_liveouts ( sese  region,
basic_block  bb,
edge  false_e,
edge  true_e 

Insert in the block BB phi nodes for variables defined in REGION and used outside the REGION. The code generation moves REGION in the else clause of an "if (1)" and generates code in the then clause that is at this point empty:

| if (1) | empty; | else | REGION;

References edge_def::flags.

static void sese_record_loop ( )
   Record LOOP as occurring in REGION.  

References bb_in_sese_p(), and basic_block_def::loop_father.

static void sese_reset_debug_liveouts_bb ( )
   Reset debug stmts that reference SSA_NAMES defined in REGION that
   are not marked as liveouts.  
void set_ifsese_condition ( )

Replaces the condition of the IF_REGION with CONDITION: | if (CONDITION) | true_region; | else | false_region;

References analyze_scalar_evolution(), compute_overall_effect_of_inner_loop(), loop_depth(), and superloop_at_depth().

static void set_rename ( )
   Register in RENAME_MAP the rename tuple (OLD_NAME, EXPR).  

References changed, gimple_debug_bind_p(), gimple_debug_bind_reset_value(), gimple_debug_source_bind_p(), and is_gimple_debug().