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tree-ssa-loop.h File Reference

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Data Structures

struct  affine_iv_d
struct  tree_niter_desc


typedef struct affine_iv_d affine_iv


bool for_each_index (tree *, bool(*)(tree, tree *, void *), void *)
char * get_lsm_tmp_name (tree ref, unsigned n, const char *suffix=NULL)
unsigned tree_num_loop_insns (struct loop *, struct eni_weights_d *)
static struct looploop_containing_stmt ()

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct affine_iv_d affine_iv
   Affine iv.  

Function Documentation

bool for_each_index ( tree addr_p,
bool(*)(tree, tree *, void *)  cbck,
void *  data 
   Calls CBCK for each index in memory reference ADDR_P.  There are two
   kinds situations handled; in each of these cases, the memory reference
   and DATA are passed to the callback:

   Access to an array: ARRAY_{RANGE_}REF (base, index).  In this case we also
   pass the pointer to the index to the callback.

   Pointer dereference: INDIRECT_REF (addr).  In this case we also pass the
   pointer to addr to the callback.

   If the callback returns false, the whole search stops and false is returned.
   Otherwise the function returns true after traversing through the whole
   reference *ADDR_P.  
             If the component has varying offset, it behaves like index
             as well.  

Referenced by detect_commutative_reduction(), and refs_independent_p().

char* get_lsm_tmp_name ( tree  ref,
unsigned  n,
const char *  suffix = NULL 
unsigned tree_num_loop_insns ( struct loop ,
struct eni_weights_d