GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
tree_niter_desc Struct Reference

#include <tree-ssa-loop.h>

Collaboration diagram for tree_niter_desc:

Data Fields

tree assumptions
tree may_be_zero
tree niter
double_int max
affine_iv control
tree bound
enum tree_code cmp

Detailed Description

   Description of number of iterations of a loop.  All the expressions inside
   the structure can be evaluated at the end of the loop's preheader
   (and due to ssa form, also anywhere inside the body of the loop).  

Field Documentation

tree tree_niter_desc::assumptions
tree tree_niter_desc::bound

Referenced by can_unroll_loop_p().

enum tree_code tree_niter_desc::cmp

Referenced by can_unroll_loop_p().

affine_iv tree_niter_desc::control
     The simplified shape of the exit condition.  The loop exits if
     CONTROL CMP BOUND is false, where CMP is one of NE_EXPR,
     LT_EXPR, or GT_EXPR, and step of CONTROL is positive if CMP is
     LE_EXPR and negative if CMP is GE_EXPR.  This information is used
     by loop unrolling.  

Referenced by can_unroll_loop_p().

double_int tree_niter_desc::max
tree tree_niter_desc::may_be_zero
tree tree_niter_desc::niter

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