GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
lto_simple_output_block Struct Reference

#include <lto-streamer.h>

Collaboration diagram for lto_simple_output_block:

Data Fields

enum lto_section_type section_type
struct lto_out_decl_statedecl_state
struct lto_output_streammain_stream

Detailed Description

   A simple output block.  This can be used for simple IPA passes that
   do not need more than one stream.  

Field Documentation

struct lto_out_decl_state* lto_simple_output_block::decl_state

Referenced by write_node_summary_p().

struct lto_output_stream* lto_simple_output_block::main_stream
     The stream that the main tree codes are written to.  

Referenced by lto_symtab_encoder_in_partition_p(), and write_node_summary_p().

enum lto_section_type lto_simple_output_block::section_type

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