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leh_state Struct Reference
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Data Fields

eh_region cur_region
eh_region ehp_region
struct leh_tf_statetf

Detailed Description

   State of the world while lowering.  

Field Documentation

eh_region leh_state::cur_region
     What's "current" while constructing the eh region tree.  These
     correspond to variables of the same name in cfun->eh, which we
     don't have easy access to.  
eh_region leh_state::ehp_region
     What's "current" for the purposes of __builtin_eh_pointer.  For
     a CATCH, this is the associated TRY.  For an EH_FILTER, this is
     the associated ALLOWED_EXCEPTIONS, etc.  
struct leh_tf_state* leh_state::tf
     Processing of TRY_FINALLY requires a bit more state.  This is
     split out into a separate structure so that we don't have to
     copy so much when processing other nodes.  

Referenced by frob_into_branch_around(), and record_in_goto_queue_label().

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