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btr_user_s Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct btr_user_snext
basic_block bb
int luid
rtx insn
rtx use
int n_reaching_defs
int first_reaching_def
char other_use_this_block

Field Documentation

basic_block btr_user_s::bb
int btr_user_s::first_reaching_def
rtx btr_user_s::insn

Referenced by btr_def_live_range().

int btr_user_s::luid
int btr_user_s::n_reaching_defs
struct btr_user_s* btr_user_s::next
char btr_user_s::other_use_this_block
rtx btr_user_s::use
     If INSN has a single use of a single branch register, then
     USE points to it within INSN.  If there is more than
     one branch register use, or the use is in some way ambiguous,
     then USE is NULL.  

Referenced by new_btr_user().

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