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nrv_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

tree var
tree result
int modified

Detailed Description


Language independent return value optimizations Copyright (C) 2004-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

This file is part of GCC.

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   This file implements return value optimizations for functions which
   return aggregate types.

   Basically this pass searches the function for return statements which
   return a local aggregate.  When converted to RTL such statements will
   generate a copy from the local aggregate to final return value destination
   mandated by the target's ABI.

   That copy can often be avoided by directly constructing the return value
   into the final destination mandated by the target's ABI.

   This is basically a generic equivalent to the C++ front-end's
   Named Return Value optimization.  

Field Documentation

int nrv_data::modified

Referenced by finalize_nrv_r().

tree nrv_data::result
     This is the function's RESULT_DECL.  We will replace all occurrences
     of VAR with RESULT_DECL when we apply this optimization.  

Referenced by finalize_nrv_r().

tree nrv_data::var
     This is the temporary (a VAR_DECL) which appears in all of
     this function's RETURN_EXPR statements.  

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