GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
moveop_static_params Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for moveop_static_params:

Data Fields

rtx dest
expr_t c_expr
int uid
insn_t failed_insn
bool was_renamed

Detailed Description

   Stores the static parameters for move_op_* calls.  

Field Documentation

expr_t moveop_static_params::c_expr
     Current C_EXPR.  

Referenced by update_fence_and_insn().

rtx moveop_static_params::dest
     Destination register.  

Referenced by sel_target_adjust_priority().

insn_t moveop_static_params::failed_insn
     This is initialized to the insn on which the driver stopped its traversal.  

Referenced by sel_target_adjust_priority().

int moveop_static_params::uid
     An UID of expr_vliw which is to be moved up.  If we find other exprs,
     they are to be removed.  
bool moveop_static_params::was_renamed
     True if we scheduled an insn with different register.  

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