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rtx_constant_pool Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct constant_descriptor_rtxfirst
struct constant_descriptor_rtxlast
htab_t const_rtx_htab

Detailed Description

   Used in the hash tables to avoid outputting the same constant
   twice.  Unlike 'struct constant_descriptor_tree', RTX constants
   are output once per function, not once per file.  
   ??? Only a few targets need per-function constant pools.  Most
   can use one per-file pool.  Should add a targetm bit to tell the

Field Documentation

htab_t rtx_constant_pool::const_rtx_htab
     Hash facility for making memory-constants from constant rtl-expressions.
     It is used on RISC machines where immediate integer arguments and
     constant addresses are restricted so that such constants must be stored
     in memory.  
struct constant_descriptor_rtx* rtx_constant_pool::first
     Pointers to first and last constant in pool, as ordered by offset.  
struct constant_descriptor_rtx* rtx_constant_pool::last
HOST_WIDE_INT rtx_constant_pool::offset
     Current offset in constant pool (does not include any
     machine-specific header).  

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