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timevar_def Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct timevar_time_def elapsed
struct timevar_time_def start_time
const char * name
unsigned standalone: 1
unsigned used: 1

Detailed Description

   See timevar.h for an explanation of timing variables.  
   A timing variable.  

Field Documentation

struct timevar_time_def timevar_def::elapsed
     Elapsed time for this variable.  

Referenced by timevar_cond_start(), timevar_init(), timevar_stop(), and validate_phases().

const char* timevar_def::name
     The name of this timing variable.  

Referenced by timevar_cond_start(), and validate_phases().

unsigned timevar_def::standalone
     Nonzero if this timing variable is running as a standalone

Referenced by timevar_init(), timevar_start(), and timevar_stop().

struct timevar_time_def timevar_def::start_time
     If this variable is timed independently of the timing stack,
     using timevar_start, this contains the start time.  

Referenced by timevar_start(), and timevar_stop().

unsigned timevar_def::used
     Nonzero if this timing variable was ever started or pushed onto
     the timing stack.  

Referenced by timevar_cond_start(), timevar_init(), timevar_start(), and validate_phases().

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