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def_blocks_d Struct Reference
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Data Fields

bitmap def_blocks
bitmap phi_blocks
bitmap livein_blocks

Detailed Description


Rewrite a program in Normal form into SSA. Copyright (C) 2001-2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc. Contributed by Diego Novillo dnovi.nosp@m.llo@.nosp@m.redha.nosp@m.t.co.nosp@m.m

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   This file builds the SSA form for a function as described in:
   R. Cytron, J. Ferrante, B. Rosen, M. Wegman, and K. Zadeck. Efficiently
   Computing Static Single Assignment Form and the Control Dependence
   Graph. ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems,
   13(4):451-490, October 1991.  
   Structure to map a variable VAR to the set of blocks that contain
   definitions for VAR.  

Field Documentation

bitmap def_blocks_d::def_blocks
     Blocks that contain definitions of VAR.  Bit I will be set if the
     Ith block contains a definition of VAR.  

Referenced by get_current_def(), and initialize_flags_in_bb().

bitmap def_blocks_d::livein_blocks
     Blocks where VAR is live-on-entry.  Similar semantics as
bitmap def_blocks_d::phi_blocks
     Blocks that contain a PHI node for VAR.  

Referenced by initialize_flags_in_bb().

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