GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
omega_pb_d Struct Reference

#include <omega.h>

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Data Fields

int num_vars
int safe_vars
int num_eqs
int num_geqs
int num_subs
int hash_version
bool variables_initialized
bool variables_freed
int * var
int * forwarding_address
eqn geqs
eqn eqs
eqn subs

Field Documentation

int* omega_pb_d::forwarding_address
int omega_pb_d::hash_version
int omega_pb_d::num_vars
     The number of variables in the system of equations.  

Referenced by normalize_omega_problem(), omega_add_zero_eq(), omega_simplify_problem(), and verify_omega_pb().

int omega_pb_d::safe_vars
     Safe variables are not eliminated during the Fourier-Motzkin
     simplification of the system.  Safe variables are all those
     variables that are placed at the beginning of the array of
     variables: PB->var[1, ..., SAFE_VARS].  PB->var[0] is not used,
     as PB->eqs[x]->coef[0] represents the constant of the equation.  

Referenced by omega_simplify_problem().

int* omega_pb_d::var
     Index or name of variables.  Negative integers are reserved for
     wildcard variables.  Maps the index of variables in the original
     problem to the new index of the variable.  The index for a
     variable in the coef array of an equation can change as some
     variables are eliminated.  

Referenced by omega_add_zero_eq(), omega_add_zero_geq(), omega_delete_geq_extra(), omega_eqn_is_red(), omega_unprotect_1(), and verify_omega_pb().

bool omega_pb_d::variables_freed
bool omega_pb_d::variables_initialized

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