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update_cost_queue_elem Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int check
int divisor
ira_allocno_t from
ira_allocno_t next

Detailed Description

   Describes one element in a queue of allocnos whose costs need to be
   updated.  Each allocno in the queue is known to have an allocno

Field Documentation

int update_cost_queue_elem::check
     This element is in the queue iff CHECK == update_cost_check.  

Referenced by free_update_cost_record_list().

int update_cost_queue_elem::divisor
     COST_HOP_DIVISOR**N, where N is the length of the shortest path
     connecting this allocno to the one being allocated.  

Referenced by free_update_cost_record_list().

ira_allocno_t update_cost_queue_elem::from
     Allocno from which we are chaning costs of connected allocnos.
     It is used not go back in graph of allocnos connected by

Referenced by free_update_cost_record_list().

ira_allocno_t update_cost_queue_elem::next
     The next allocno in the queue, or null if this is the last element.  

Referenced by free_update_cost_record_list().

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