GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
walk_stmt_info Struct Reference

#include <gimple.h>

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Data Fields

gimple_stmt_iterator gsi
void * info
struct pointer_set_tpset
tree callback_result
BOOL_BITFIELD val_only: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD changed: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD want_locations: 1
BOOL_BITFIELD removed_stmt: 1

Detailed Description

   Convenience routines to walk all statements of a gimple function.
   Note that this is useful exclusively before the code is converted
   into SSA form.  Once the program is in SSA form, the standard
   operand interface should be used to analyze/modify statements.  

Field Documentation

tree walk_stmt_info::callback_result
     Operand returned by the callbacks.  This is set when calling
     walk_gimple_seq.  If the walk_stmt_fn or walk_tree_fn callback
     returns non-NULL, this field will contain the tree returned by
     the last callback.  

Referenced by gimple_seq_add_seq().

BOOL_BITFIELD walk_stmt_info::changed
     Optional.  Set to true by the callback functions if they made any

Referenced by get_local_debug_decl().

void* walk_stmt_info::info
BOOL_BITFIELD walk_stmt_info::is_lhs
     True if we are currently walking the LHS of an assignment.  

Referenced by count_ptr_derefs(), get_local_debug_decl(), note_nonlocal_vla_type(), walk_gimple_asm(), and walk_gimple_seq_mod().

struct pointer_set_t* walk_stmt_info::pset
     Pointer map used to mark visited tree nodes when calling
     walk_tree on each operand.  If set to NULL, duplicate tree nodes
     will be visited more than once.  

Referenced by walk_gimple_seq().

BOOL_BITFIELD walk_stmt_info::removed_stmt
     True if we've removed the statement that was processed.  

Referenced by gimple_seq_add_seq().

BOOL_BITFIELD walk_stmt_info::val_only
     Indicates whether the operand being examined may be replaced
     with something that matches is_gimple_val (if true) or something
     slightly more complicated (if false).  "Something" technically
     means the common subset of is_gimple_lvalue and is_gimple_rhs,
     but we never try to form anything more complicated than that, so
     we don't bother checking.

     Also note that CALLBACK should update this flag while walking the
     sub-expressions of a statement.  For instance, when walking the
     statement 'foo (&var)', the flag VAL_ONLY will initially be set
     to true, however, when walking &var, the operand of that
     ADDR_EXPR does not need to be a GIMPLE value.  

Referenced by get_local_debug_decl(), note_nonlocal_vla_type(), walk_gimple_asm(), and walk_gimple_seq_mod().

BOOL_BITFIELD walk_stmt_info::want_locations
     True if we're interested in location information.  

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