GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
rtunion_def Union Reference

#include <rtl.h>

Collaboration diagram for rtunion_def:

Data Fields

int rt_int
unsigned int rt_uint
const char * rt_str
rtx rt_rtx
rtvec rt_rtvec
enum machine_mode rt_type
addr_diff_vec_flags rt_addr_diff_vec_flags
struct cselib_val_structrt_cselib
tree rt_tree
basic_block rt_bb
struct constant_descriptor_rtxrt_constant
struct dw_cfi_structrt_cfi

Detailed Description

   Common union for an element of an rtx.  

Field Documentation

addr_diff_vec_flags rtunion_def::rt_addr_diff_vec_flags
basic_block rtunion_def::rt_bb
struct dw_cfi_struct* rtunion_def::rt_cfi
struct constant_descriptor_rtx* rtunion_def::rt_constant
struct cselib_val_struct* rtunion_def::rt_cselib
int rtunion_def::rt_int
mem_attrs* rtunion_def::rt_mem
reg_attrs* rtunion_def::rt_reg
rtvec rtunion_def::rt_rtvec
rtx rtunion_def::rt_rtx
const char* rtunion_def::rt_str
tree rtunion_def::rt_tree
enum machine_mode rtunion_def::rt_type
unsigned int rtunion_def::rt_uint

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