GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
addr_diff_vec_flags Struct Reference

#include <rtl.h>

Data Fields

unsigned min_align: 8
unsigned base_after_vec: 1
unsigned min_after_vec: 1
unsigned max_after_vec: 1
unsigned min_after_base: 1
unsigned max_after_base: 1
unsigned offset_unsigned: 1
unsigned __pad0__: 2
unsigned scale: 8

Detailed Description

   The flags and bitfields of an ADDR_DIFF_VEC.  BASE is the base label
   relative to which the offsets are calculated, as explained in rtl.def.  

Field Documentation

unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::__pad0__
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::base_after_vec
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::max_after_base
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::max_after_vec
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::min_after_base
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::min_after_vec
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::min_align
     Set at the start of shorten_branches - ONLY WHEN OPTIMIZING - : 
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::offset_unsigned
     Set by the actual branch shortening process - ONLY WHEN OPTIMIZING - : 
unsigned addr_diff_vec_flags::scale

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