GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ps_reg_move_info Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for ps_reg_move_info:

Data Fields

int def
sbitmap uses
rtx old_reg
rtx new_reg
int num_consecutive_stages
rtx insn

Detailed Description

   Information about a register move that has been added to a partial

Field Documentation

int ps_reg_move_info::def
     The source of the move is defined by the ps_insn with id DEF.
     The destination is used by the ps_insns with the ids in USES.  
rtx ps_reg_move_info::insn
     An instruction that sets NEW_REG to the correct value.  The first
     move associated with DEF will have an rhs of OLD_REG; later moves
     use the result of the previous move.  

Referenced by loop_canon_p().

rtx ps_reg_move_info::new_reg
int ps_reg_move_info::num_consecutive_stages
     The number of consecutive stages that the move occupies.  

Referenced by ps_reg_move().

rtx ps_reg_move_info::old_reg
     The original form of USES' instructions used OLD_REG, but they
     should now use NEW_REG.  
sbitmap ps_reg_move_info::uses

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