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variable_tracking_info_def Struct Reference
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Data Fields

vec< micro_operationmos
dataflow_set in
dataflow_set out
bool visited
bool flooded

Detailed Description

   The structure (one for each basic block) containing the information
   needed for variable tracking.  

Field Documentation

bool variable_tracking_info_def::flooded
     Has the block been flooded in VTA?  
dataflow_set variable_tracking_info_def::in
     The IN and OUT set for dataflow analysis.  
vec<micro_operation> variable_tracking_info_def::mos
     The vector of micro operations.  
dataflow_set variable_tracking_info_def::out
dataflow_set* variable_tracking_info_def::permp
     The permanent-in dataflow set for this block.  This is used to
     hold values for which we had to compute entry values.  ??? This
     should probably be dynamically allocated, to avoid using more
     memory in non-debug builds.  
bool variable_tracking_info_def::visited
     Has the block been visited in DFS?  

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