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stack_entry Struct Reference
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Data Fields

basic_block bb
bitmap set_ssa_names
bitmap used_ssa_names
bitmap non_ssa_vars
bitmap bbs_visited
unsigned int edge_num
int earliest
int overall_time
int overall_size
bool can_split

Detailed Description

   Stack entry for recursive DFS walk in find_split_point.  

Field Documentation

basic_block stack_entry::bb
     Basic block we are examining.  
bitmap stack_entry::bbs_visited
     All BBS visited from this BB via DFS walk.  
bool stack_entry::can_split
     When false we can not split on this BB.  
int stack_entry::earliest
     Stack entry index of earliest BB reachable from current BB
     or any BB visited later in DFS walk.  
unsigned int stack_entry::edge_num
     Last examined edge in DFS walk.  Since we walk unoriented graph,
     the value is up to sum of incoming and outgoing edges of BB.  
bitmap stack_entry::non_ssa_vars
int stack_entry::overall_size
int stack_entry::overall_time
     Overall time and size of all BBs reached from this BB in DFS walk.  
bitmap stack_entry::set_ssa_names
     SSA names set and used by the BB and all BBs reachable
     from it via DFS walk.  
bitmap stack_entry::used_ssa_names

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