GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ipa_param_descriptor Struct Reference

#include <ipa-prop.h>

Data Fields

tree decl
int controlled_uses
unsigned int move_cost: 31
unsigned used: 1

Detailed Description

   Summary describing a single formal parameter.  

Field Documentation

int ipa_param_descriptor::controlled_uses
     If all uses of the parameter are described by ipa-prop structures, this
     says how many there are.  If any use could not be described by means of
     ipa-prop structures, this is IPA_UNDESCRIBED_USE.  
tree ipa_param_descriptor::decl
     PARAM_DECL of this parameter.  
unsigned int ipa_param_descriptor::move_cost
unsigned ipa_param_descriptor::used
     The parameter is used.  

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