GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
sese_s Struct Reference

#include <sese.h>

Collaboration diagram for sese_s:

Data Fields

edge entry
edge exit
vec< treeparams
bitmap loops
vec< loop_ploop_nest
bool add_params

Detailed Description

   A Single Entry, Single Exit region is a part of the CFG delimited
   by two edges.  

Field Documentation

bool sese_s::add_params
     Are we allowed to add more params?  This is for debugging purpose.  We
     can only add new params before generating the bb domains, otherwise they
     become invalid.  
edge sese_s::entry
     Single ENTRY and single EXIT from the SESE region.  
edge sese_s::exit
vec<loop_p> sese_s::loop_nest
bitmap sese_s::loops
     Loops completely contained in the SCOP.  
vec<tree> sese_s::params
     Parameters used within the SCOP.  

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