GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
alg_hash_entry Struct Reference

#include <expmed.h>

Collaboration diagram for alg_hash_entry:

Data Fields

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT t
enum machine_mode mode
enum alg_code alg
struct mult_cost cost
bool speed

Detailed Description

   The entry for our multiplication cache/hash table.  

Field Documentation

enum alg_code alg_hash_entry::alg
     The best multiplication algorithm for t.  
struct mult_cost alg_hash_entry::cost
     The cost of multiplication if ALG_CODE is not alg_impossible.
     Otherwise, the cost within which multiplication by T is

Referenced by neg_cost(), set_mul_widen_cost(), set_shiftsub0_cost(), set_shiftsub1_cost(), shift_cost(), shiftadd_cost(), and zero_cost_ptr().

enum machine_mode alg_hash_entry::mode
     The mode in which we are multiplying something by T.  
bool alg_hash_entry::speed
     Optimized for speed? 

Referenced by sdiv_cost().

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT alg_hash_entry::t
     The number we are multiplying by.  

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