GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
constraint_expr Struct Reference

Data Fields

constraint_expr_type type
unsigned int var

Detailed Description

   An expression that appears in a constraint.  

Field Documentation

HOST_WIDE_INT constraint_expr::offset
     Offset, in bits, of this constraint from the beginning of
     variables it ends up referring to.

     IOW, in a deref constraint, we would deref, get the result set,
     then add OFFSET to each member.   

Referenced by add_implicit_graph_edge(), add_pred_graph_edge(), bitpos_of_field(), create_function_info_for(), get_constraint_for_rhs(), get_constraint_for_ssa_var(), get_vi_for_tree(), make_constraint_from(), make_constraint_from_global_restrict(), make_constraints_to(), and remove_preds_and_fake_succs().

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