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store_by_pieces_d Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for store_by_pieces_d:

Data Fields

rtx to
rtx to_addr
int autinc_to
int explicit_inc_to
unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT len
rtx(* constfun )(void *, HOST_WIDE_INT, enum machine_mode)
void * constfundata
int reverse

Detailed Description

   This structure is used by store_by_pieces to describe the clear to
   be performed.  

Field Documentation

int store_by_pieces_d::autinc_to
rtx(* store_by_pieces_d::constfun)(void *, HOST_WIDE_INT, enum machine_mode)
void* store_by_pieces_d::constfundata
int store_by_pieces_d::explicit_inc_to

Referenced by get_def_for_expr().

unsigned HOST_WIDE_INT store_by_pieces_d::len
HOST_WIDE_INT store_by_pieces_d::offset
int store_by_pieces_d::reverse
rtx store_by_pieces_d::to

Referenced by use_group_regs().

rtx store_by_pieces_d::to_addr

Referenced by get_def_for_expr().

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