GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
reg_pref Struct Reference

Data Fields

char prefclass
char altclass
char allocnoclass

Detailed Description

   Structure used to record preferences of given pseudo.  

Field Documentation

char reg_pref::allocnoclass
     allocnoclass is a register class that IRA uses for allocating
     the pseudo.  
char reg_pref::altclass
     altclass is a register class that we should use for allocating
     pseudo if no register in the preferred class is available.
     If no register in this class is available, memory is preferred.

     It might appear to be more general to have a bitmask of classes here,
     but since it is recommended that there be a class corresponding to the
     union of most major pair of classes, that generality is not required.  
char reg_pref::prefclass
     (enum reg_class) prefclass is the preferred class.  May be
     NO_REGS if no class is better than memory.  

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