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vtable_registration Struct Reference

#include <vtable-verify.h>

Collaboration diagram for vtable_registration:

Data Fields

tree vtable_decl
vec< unsigned > offsets

Detailed Description

   Each vtable map variable corresponds to a virtual class.  Each
   vtable map variable has a hash table associated with it, that keeps
   track of the vtable pointers for which we have generated a call to
   __VLTRegisterPair (with the current vtable map variable).  This is
   the hash table node that is used for each entry in this hash table
   of vtable pointers.

   Sometimes there are multiple valid vtable pointer entries that use
   the same vtable pointer decl with different offsets.  Therefore,
   for each vtable pointer in the hash table, there is also an array
   of offsets used with that vtable. 

Field Documentation

vec<unsigned> vtable_registration::offsets
tree vtable_registration::vtable_decl

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