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vn_reference_s Struct Reference

#include <tree-ssa-sccvn.h>

Collaboration diagram for vn_reference_s:

Data Fields

unsigned int value_id
hashval_t hashcode
tree vuse
alias_set_type set
tree type
vec< vn_reference_op_soperands
tree result
tree result_vdef

Detailed Description

   A reference operation in the hashtable is representation as
   the vuse, representing the memory state at the time of
   the operation, and a collection of operands that make up the
   addressing calculation.  If two vn_reference_t's have the same set
   of operands, they access the same memory location. We also store
   the resulting value number, and the hashcode.  

Field Documentation

hashval_t vn_reference_s::hashcode
tree vn_reference_s::result
tree vn_reference_s::result_vdef
unsigned int vn_reference_s::value_id
     Unique identifier that all expressions with the same value have. 

Referenced by valueize_shared_reference_ops_from_ref().

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