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assert_locus_d Struct Reference
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Data Fields

basic_block bb
edge e
gimple_stmt_iterator si
enum tree_code comp_code
tree val
tree expr
struct assert_locus_dnext

Detailed Description

   Location information for ASSERT_EXPRs.  Each instance of this
   structure describes an ASSERT_EXPR for an SSA name.  Since a single
   SSA name may have more than one assertion associated with it, these
   locations are kept in a linked list attached to the corresponding
   SSA name.  

Field Documentation

basic_block assert_locus_d::bb
     Basic block where the assertion would be inserted.  

Referenced by dump_value_range().

enum tree_code assert_locus_d::comp_code
     Predicate code for the ASSERT_EXPR.  Must be COMPARISON_CLASS_P.  

Referenced by dump_value_range().

edge assert_locus_d::e
     Some assertions need to be inserted on an edge (e.g., assertions
     generated by COND_EXPRs).  In those cases, BB will be NULL.  

Referenced by dump_value_range().

tree assert_locus_d::expr
     Expression to compare.  

Referenced by dump_value_range().

struct assert_locus_d* assert_locus_d::next
     Next node in the linked list.  

Referenced by dump_value_range(), and find_switch_asserts().

gimple_stmt_iterator assert_locus_d::si
     Pointer to the statement that generated this assertion.  

Referenced by dump_value_range().

tree assert_locus_d::val
     Value being compared against.  

Referenced by dump_value_range().

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