GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
succ_iterator Struct Reference

#include <sel-sched-ir.h>

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Data Fields

bool bb_end
edge e1
edge e2
edge_iterator ei
basic_block bb
short flags
short current_flags
int current_exit
vec< edgeloop_exits

Detailed Description

   Successor iterator backend.  

Field Documentation

basic_block succ_iterator::bb
     Successor block we're traversing.  

Referenced by inner_loop_header_p().

bool succ_iterator::bb_end
     True if we're at BB end.  

Referenced by inner_loop_header_p().

int succ_iterator::current_exit
     If skip to loop exits, save here information about loop exits.  

Referenced by get_all_loop_exits(), inner_loop_header_p(), and sel_bb_empty_or_nop_p().

short succ_iterator::current_flags
     When flags include SUCCS_ALL, this will be set to the exact type
     of the successor we're traversing now.  

Referenced by inner_loop_header_p().

edge succ_iterator::e1
     An edge on which we're iterating.  

Referenced by inner_loop_header_p().

edge succ_iterator::e2
     The previous edge saved after skipping empty blocks.  

Referenced by inner_loop_header_p().

edge_iterator succ_iterator::ei
     Edge iterator used when there are successors in other basic blocks.  

Referenced by get_all_loop_exits(), and inner_loop_header_p().

short succ_iterator::flags
     Flags that are passed to the iterator.  We return only successors
     that comply to these flags.  

Referenced by inner_loop_header_p().

vec<edge> succ_iterator::loop_exits

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