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stack_var Struct Reference
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Data Fields

tree decl
unsigned int alignb
size_t representative
size_t next
bitmap conflicts

Detailed Description

   This structure holds data relevant to one variable that will be
   placed in a stack slot.  

Field Documentation

unsigned int stack_var::alignb
     The *byte* alignment required for this variable.  Or as, with the
     size, the alignment for this partition.  

Referenced by add_scope_conflicts(), and union_stack_vars().

bitmap stack_var::conflicts
     The numbers of conflicting stack variables.  

Referenced by add_scope_conflicts_1().

tree stack_var::decl
     The Variable.  

Referenced by add_scope_conflicts(), and expand_stack_vars().

size_t stack_var::next
     The next stack variable in the partition, or EOC.  

Referenced by expand_stack_vars(), and partition_stack_vars().

size_t stack_var::representative
     The partition representative.  
HOST_WIDE_INT stack_var::size
     Initially, the size of the variable.  Later, the size of the partition,
     if this variable becomes it's partition's representative.  

Referenced by add_scope_conflicts(), and union_stack_vars().

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