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saved_hard_reg Struct Reference
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Data Fields

int num
int hard_regno
int call_freq
rtx slot
int first_p
int next

Detailed Description

   The structure represents a hard register which should be saved
   through the call.  It is used when the integrated register
   allocator (IRA) is used and sharing save slots is on.  

Field Documentation

int saved_hard_reg::call_freq
     Execution frequency of all calls through which given hard
     register should be saved.  

Referenced by new_saved_hard_reg().

int saved_hard_reg::first_p
     True if it is first hard register in the chain of hard registers
     sharing the same stack slot.  
int saved_hard_reg::hard_regno
     The hard regno.  
int saved_hard_reg::next
     Order number of the next hard register structure with the same
     slot in the chain.  -1 represents end of the chain.  
int saved_hard_reg::num
     Order number starting with 0.  
rtx saved_hard_reg::slot
     Stack slot reserved to save the hard register through calls.  

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