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decl Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for decl:

Data Fields

enum decl_mode mode
pos_t pos
union {
   struct unit_decl   unit
   struct bypass_decl   bypass
   struct automaton_decl   automaton
   struct excl_rel_decl   excl
   struct unit_pattern_rel_decl   presence
   struct unit_pattern_rel_decl   absence
   struct reserv_decl   reserv
   struct insn_reserv_decl   insn_reserv

Detailed Description

   This contains a declaration mentioned above.  

Field Documentation

struct unit_pattern_rel_decl decl::absence
struct automaton_decl decl::automaton
struct bypass_decl decl::bypass
union { ... } decl::decl
struct excl_rel_decl decl::excl
struct insn_reserv_decl decl::insn_reserv
pos_t decl::pos

Referenced by gen_automata_option(), and gen_bypass().

struct unit_pattern_rel_decl decl::presence
struct reserv_decl decl::reserv
struct unit_decl decl::unit

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