GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
sched_block_state Struct Reference

Data Fields

bool first_cycle_insn_p
bool shadows_only_p
bool modulo_epilogue
int can_issue_more

Detailed Description

   A structure that holds local state for the loop in schedule_block.  

Field Documentation

int sched_block_state::can_issue_more
     Initialized with the machine's issue rate every cycle, and updated
     by calls to the variable_issue hook.  
bool sched_block_state::first_cycle_insn_p
     True if no real insns have been scheduled in the current cycle.  
bool sched_block_state::modulo_epilogue
     True if we're winding down a modulo schedule, which means that we only
     issue insns with INSN_EXACT_TICK set.  
bool sched_block_state::shadows_only_p
     True if a shadow insn has been scheduled in the current cycle, which
     means that no more normal insns can be issued.  

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