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gimple_bb Struct Reference

#include <sese.h>

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Data Fields

basic_block bb
struct poly_bbpbb
vec< gimpleconditions
vec< gimplecondition_cases
vec< data_reference_pdata_refs

Field Documentation

basic_block gimple_bb::bb

Referenced by new_rename_map_elt().

vec<gimple> gimple_bb::condition_cases
vec<gimple> gimple_bb::conditions
     Lists containing the restrictions of the conditional statements
     dominating this bb.  This bb can only be executed, if all conditions
     are true.


     for (i = 0; i <= 20; i++)

       if (2i <= 8)

     So for B there is an additional condition (2i <= 8).

     List of COND_EXPR and SWITCH_EXPR.  A COND_EXPR is true only if the
     corresponding element in CONDITION_CASES is not NULL_TREE.  For a
     SWITCH_EXPR the corresponding element in CONDITION_CASES is a
vec<data_reference_p> gimple_bb::data_refs
struct poly_bb* gimple_bb::pbb

Referenced by new_rename_map_elt().

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