GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ipa_ref_list Struct Reference

#include <ipa-ref.h>

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Data Fields

vec< ipa_ref_t, va_gc > * references
vec< ipa_ref_ptrreferring

Detailed Description

   List of references.  This is stored in both callgraph and varpool nodes.  

Field Documentation

vec<ipa_ref_t, va_gc>* ipa_ref_list::references
     Store actual references in references vector.  

Referenced by ipa_empty_ref_list(), ipa_record_reference(), ipa_ref_list_first_referring(), and ipa_ref_referred_ref_list().

vec<ipa_ref_ptr> ipa_ref_list::referring
     Referring is vector of pointers to references.  It must not live in GGC space
     or GGC will try to mark middle of references vectors.  

Referenced by ipa_record_reference(), ipa_ref_list_first_reference(), ipa_ref_list_first_referring(), and ipa_remove_all_references().

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