GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
gimplify_init_ctor_preeval_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

tree lhs_base_decl
alias_set_type lhs_alias_set

Detailed Description

   A subroutine of gimplify_init_ctor_preeval.  Called via walk_tree,
   determine, cautiously, if a CONSTRUCTOR overlaps the lhs of an
   assignment.  Return non-null if we detect a potential overlap.  

Field Documentation

alias_set_type gimplify_init_ctor_preeval_data::lhs_alias_set
     The alias set of the lhs object.  
tree gimplify_init_ctor_preeval_data::lhs_base_decl
     The base decl of the lhs object.  May be NULL, in which case we
     have to assume the lhs is indirect.  

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