GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
insn_data_d Struct Reference

#include <recog.h>

Collaboration diagram for insn_data_d:

Data Fields

const char *const name
union {
   const char *   single
   const char *const *   multi
   insn_output_fn   function
struct {
   const char *   single
   const char *const *   multi
   insn_output_fn   function
const insn_gen_fn genfun
struct insn_operand_data *const operand
const char n_generator_args
const char n_operands
const char n_dups
const char n_alternatives
const char output_format

Field Documentation

insn_output_fn insn_data_d::function
const insn_gen_fn insn_data_d::genfun
const char* const* insn_data_d::multi
const char insn_data_d::n_alternatives
const char insn_data_d::n_dups
const char insn_data_d::n_generator_args
const char insn_data_d::n_operands
const char* const insn_data_d::name
struct insn_operand_data* const insn_data_d::operand
union { ... } insn_data_d::output
struct { ... } insn_data_d::output
const char insn_data_d::output_format
const char* insn_data_d::single

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