GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
pattern_stats Struct Reference

#include <gensupport.h>

Data Fields

int max_opno
int max_dup_opno
int max_scratch_opno
int num_dups
int num_generator_args
int num_insn_operands
int num_operand_vars

Field Documentation

int pattern_stats::max_dup_opno
     The largest match_dup, match_op_dup or match_par_dup number found.  
int pattern_stats::max_opno
     The largest match_operand, match_operator or match_parallel
     number found.  
int pattern_stats::max_scratch_opno
     The largest match_scratch number found.  
int pattern_stats::num_dups
     The number of times match_dup, match_op_dup or match_par_dup appears
     in the pattern.  
int pattern_stats::num_generator_args
     The number of rtx arguments to the generator function.  
int pattern_stats::num_insn_operands
     The number of rtx operands in an insn.  
int pattern_stats::num_operand_vars
     The number of operand variables that are needed.  

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