GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
target_expmed Struct Reference

#include <expmed.h>

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Data Fields

struct alg_hash_entry x_alg_hash [NUM_ALG_HASH_ENTRIES]
bool x_alg_hash_used_p
struct expmed_op_cheap x_sdiv_pow2_cheap
struct expmed_op_cheap x_smod_pow2_cheap
int x_zero_cost [2]
struct expmed_op_costs x_add_cost
struct expmed_op_costs x_neg_cost
struct expmed_op_costs x_shift_cost [MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
struct expmed_op_costs x_shiftadd_cost [MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
struct expmed_op_costs x_shiftsub0_cost [MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
struct expmed_op_costs x_shiftsub1_cost [MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
struct expmed_op_costs x_mul_cost
struct expmed_op_costs x_sdiv_cost
struct expmed_op_costs x_udiv_cost
int x_mul_widen_cost [2][NUM_MODE_INT]
int x_mul_highpart_cost [2][NUM_MODE_INT]
int x_convert_cost [2][NUM_MODE_IP_INT][NUM_MODE_IP_INT]

Detailed Description

   Target-dependent globals.  

Field Documentation

struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_add_cost

Referenced by smod_pow2_cheap().

struct alg_hash_entry target_expmed::x_alg_hash[NUM_ALG_HASH_ENTRIES]
     Each entry of ALG_HASH caches alg_code for some integer.  This is
     actually a hash table.  If we have a collision, that the older
     entry is kicked out.  
bool target_expmed::x_alg_hash_used_p
     True if x_alg_hash might already have been used.  
int target_expmed::x_convert_cost[2][NUM_MODE_IP_INT][NUM_MODE_IP_INT]
     Conversion costs are only defined between two scalar integer modes
     of different sizes.  The first machine mode is the destination mode,
     and the second is the source mode.  
struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_mul_cost
int target_expmed::x_mul_highpart_cost[2][NUM_MODE_INT]

Referenced by sdiv_cost().

int target_expmed::x_mul_widen_cost[2][NUM_MODE_INT]
struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_neg_cost
struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_sdiv_cost

Referenced by shiftsub1_cost_ptr().

struct expmed_op_cheap target_expmed::x_sdiv_pow2_cheap
     Nonzero means divides or modulus operations are relatively cheap for
     powers of two, so don't use branches; emit the operation instead.
     Usually, this will mean that the MD file will emit non-branch
struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_shift_cost[MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]
struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_shiftadd_cost[MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]

Referenced by set_neg_cost().

struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_shiftsub0_cost[MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]

Referenced by set_shift_cost().

struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_shiftsub1_cost[MAX_BITS_PER_WORD]

Referenced by set_shiftadd_cost().

struct expmed_op_cheap target_expmed::x_smod_pow2_cheap

Referenced by sdiv_pow2_cheap_ptr().

struct expmed_op_costs target_expmed::x_udiv_cost

Referenced by mul_cost_ptr().

int target_expmed::x_zero_cost[2]
     Cost of various pieces of RTL.  Note that some of these are indexed by
     shift count and some by mode.  

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