GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
live_range Struct Reference

#include <ira-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for live_range:

Data Fields

ira_object_t object
int start
int finish
live_range_t next
live_range_t start_next
live_range_t finish_next

Detailed Description

   The structure describes program points where a given allocno lives.
   If the live ranges of two allocnos are intersected, the allocnos
   are in conflict.  

Field Documentation

int live_range::finish
live_range_t live_range::finish_next
live_range_t live_range::next
     Next structure describing program points where the allocno

Referenced by copy_info_to_removed_store_destinations(), and ira_add_live_range_to_object().

ira_object_t live_range::object
     Object whose live range is described by given structure.  

Referenced by copy_info_to_removed_store_destinations().

int live_range::start
     Program point range.  

Referenced by ira_add_live_range_to_object(), and ira_create_live_range().

live_range_t live_range::start_next
     Pointer to structures with the same start/finish.  

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