GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
repeat_factor_d Struct Reference

Data Fields

tree factor
unsigned rank
tree repr

Detailed Description

   Used for repeated factor analysis.  

Field Documentation

HOST_WIDE_INT repeat_factor_d::count
     Number of occurrences of the factor in the chain.  

Referenced by can_reassociate_p(), and repropagate_negates().

tree repeat_factor_d::factor
     An SSA name that occurs in a multiply chain.  

Referenced by attempt_builtin_powi(), and break_up_subtract_bb().

unsigned repeat_factor_d::rank
     Cached rank of the factor.  

Referenced by repropagate_negates().

tree repeat_factor_d::repr
     An SSA name representing the product of this factor and
     all factors appearing later in the repeated factor vector.  

Referenced by attempt_builtin_powi(), break_up_subtract_bb(), and can_reassociate_p().

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