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move Struct Reference
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Data Fields

ira_allocno_t from
ira_allocno_t to
move_t next
bool visited_p
int deps_num
rtx insn

Detailed Description

   The structure represents an allocno move.  Both allocnos have the
   same original regno but different allocation.  

Field Documentation

move_t* move::deps
     Moves on which given move depends on.  Dependency can be cyclic.
     It means we need a temporary to generates the moves.  Sequence
     A1->A2, B1->B2 where A1 and B2 are assigned to reg R1 and A2 and
     B1 are assigned to reg R2 is an example of the cyclic

Referenced by unify_moves().

int move::deps_num
     The size of the following array. 

Referenced by unify_moves().

ira_allocno_t move::from
     The allocnos involved in the move.  

Referenced by free_move(), and modify_move_list().

rtx move::insn
     First insn generated for the move.  
move_t move::next
     The next move in the move sequence.  

Referenced by free_move().

ira_allocno_t move::to

Referenced by free_move(), and modify_move_list().

bool move::visited_p
     Used for finding dependencies.  

Referenced by unify_moves().

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