GCC Middle and Back End API Reference
ready_list Struct Reference

#include <sched-int.h>

Collaboration diagram for ready_list:

Data Fields

int veclen
int first
int n_ready
int n_debug

Detailed Description

   Describe the ready list of the scheduler.
   VEC holds space enough for all insns in the current region.  VECLEN
   says how many exactly.
   FIRST is the index of the element with the highest priority; i.e. the
   last one in the ready list, since elements are ordered by ascending
   N_READY determines how many insns are on the ready list.
   N_DEBUG determines how many debug insns are on the ready list.  

Field Documentation

int ready_list::first
int ready_list::n_debug
rtx* ready_list::vec
int ready_list::veclen

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