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dbx_file Struct Reference
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Data Fields

struct dbx_filenext
int file_number
int next_type_number
enum binclstatus bincl_status
const char * pending_bincl_name
struct dbx_fileprev

Detailed Description

   When using N_BINCL in dbx output, each type number is actually a
   pair of the file number and the type number within the file.
   This is a stack of input files.  

Field Documentation

enum binclstatus dbx_file::bincl_status

Referenced by dbxout_typedefs(), and emit_bincl_stab().

int dbx_file::file_number
struct dbx_file* dbx_file::next

Referenced by dbxout_typedefs().

int dbx_file::next_type_number

Referenced by dbxout_typedefs().

const char* dbx_file::pending_bincl_name

Referenced by dbxout_typedefs().

struct dbx_file* dbx_file::prev

Referenced by dbxout_typedefs().

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