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eh_status::eh_status_u Union Reference

#include <except.h>

Collaboration diagram for eh_status::eh_status_u:

Data Fields

vec< tree, va_gc > * arm_eabi
vec< uchar, va_gc > * other

Detailed Description

     The table of all action chains.  These encode the eh_region tree in
     a compact form for use by the runtime, and is also emitted to the
     lang-specific-data-area.  Note that the ARM EABI uses a different
     format for the encoding than all other ports.  

Field Documentation

vec<tree, va_gc>* eh_status::eh_status_u::arm_eabi

Referenced by add_ttypes_entry().

vec<uchar, va_gc>* eh_status::eh_status_u::other

Referenced by add_ttypes_entry().

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